Friday, 7 June 2013

Blue geraniums in the front garden

Johnson's blue geranium with pink roses
A David Austin rose
Creamy white peonies
How Johnson's blue grows but you can see the colour better next to the roses.
My front garden is lovely at the moment. A mass of flowers. I have not been outside in the garden enough this year. Though the back garden looks set to produce a bumper crop of raspberries. 

I used to always ask for plants for my birthday which is how I've got my roses and peonies and luckily they need very little maintenance. For a very brief period I grew lots of veg and fruit but not now. Maybe serious gardening is something one does after retirement? It's rewarding but right now there doesn't seem enough hours in the day.


Fibre frenzi said...

gorgeous flowers

Carole C said...

Hello Jenny, I've always loved Johnson's blue geranium and yours look lovely against the roses,fab colour combination...and those peonies are simply beautiful.You must be very pleased with how your front garden is looking right now.I used to think it would be great if you could kind of 'freeze frame ' the garden when it's looking its best and keep it for the whole of the summer ...cottage gardens always look their loveliest in June I think.
Happy weekend, hope the sun continues to shine there.

Dilara Afroz said...

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