Sunday, 2 June 2013

Shop views and new things

Roly Philips' ceramic garden pots;Samantha Robertson's ceramics; Sue Inglis' rabbit; Kirstie Turner's silver rings.On the table is my lampshade, Eileen Brown's heart coasters; Pam Dew's patchwork cushions; Jenny Shutler's cutlery jewellery with Kirstie Turner's silver necklaces and below Ruth Ellacott's rag rug. 
Eve Deary slate cheese board and (just seen) heart message board with Kirstie Turner's  named cheese forks.
Kirstie Turner's plant markers; Eve Deary's message board; Dennis Gamble's plant dibber and Ann Hutchins' butterfly embroidery.
 Handmade Happiness has never had so many cards to choose from. This week I had another delivery from Willemien Stevens whose popular cards show her original, humorous applique pictures. I love her style.

I am also looking forward to having more handmade jewellery in the shop. Tara, my lovely shop neighbour has offered me the loan of her tall glass cabinet which will be a perfect place to house it.
Enjoy your Sunday!

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