Thursday, 6 June 2013

Making necklaces

Necklace made by Jenny Stacy
Necklace made by Jenny Stacy
 At last I am making necklaces again and a third one is nearly finished. I have an idea to use soft tubing in the ones after that. We'll see how it looks.

 I want to use painted and handmade beads in another range of jewellery. At last I am feeling the shop is becoming the workshop/ shop I always wanted as I am making as well as serving the customers. 

Isn't this sunshine weather delightful? Everyone is more light-hearted when the sun shines. And the garden is blooming - peonies, roses and blue Johnson's geraniums at the moment - I'm off to cut a bunch for the shop counter. Enjoy your day!
ps. Happy Birthday to my Mum today!


Anonymous said...

beautiful necklaces!
I want t o see the blue geraniums.
Much love Hazelxx

jenny said...

Hello Hazel. I've put pictures of Johnson's blue geranium, also known as cranesbill in the latest post. Someone said to me they are a 'true geranium' and what we know as geraniums are actually pelagoniums? I must look that one up. x