Saturday, 9 March 2013

Contemporary Textiles 2013

I bought these exquisite buttons by Wendy Lloyd
 I urge anyone who's interested in textile art to go to Teddington's Landmark Arts Centre this weekend.
I went to the preview with my daughter Amy last night and we saw some knockout work. I came home with 18 artists' cards and feeling I'd like work by all of them in Handmade Happiness!
It's the innovation, the experimental, original pieces that impress the most. The work of really creative imaginations.
I like the weaving into knitwear; the layered felt; the strongly coloured prints on silk and the grey applique landscapes of home. The creators are direct and unaffected. Enjoying communicating about their work. I do hope they are living their dreams. They deserve to.
 More pictures and links soon.

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