Thursday, 7 March 2013

Learning the secrets of applique

My first attempt at applique. Most of the pieces are upside down at this stage.
 Pam Dew's Hand applique class was full and buzzing yesterday afternoon. 

 Pam showed us how to draw our design on freezer paper that served as the pattern on our chosen fabrics. As you can see I made mine very simple indeed but suitable for a baby or child's room which I've got in mind. We then cut the fabric larger than the pattern to allow us to turn the fabric over to stitch it on to the background material. You can see where I've started sewing on the right hand side.

Pam is an excellent teacher and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

My only reservation is that all the people looking through the window of Handmade Happiness might have thought that it was too much of a crush to come in and look around or buy things. But as it says on the door, the shop is Open workshop or no workshop.


Anonymous said...

I love your applique Jenny! Kate x

jenny said...

Thank you Kate.x

Rustic Kitty said...

Oh wow I did not realise you had started workshops!