Sunday, 3 March 2013

In the window close up

At Handmade Happiness now. Details below.
 Handmade Happiness has so many beautiful handmade things to select from right now.
Slate, wood, clay, fabric, wool, silver, paint, canvas, metals. There is a lot for browsers to look at and comment on.  

In the picture from top left are: Kate Hackett ceramic childrens' mug £12;  Sue Inglis knitted pig and sheep £4-50; Kate Hackett egg cup £10.
On the middle shelf: Hume Sweet Hume lambswool and silk corsage brooch £10; Lindsey Agostinelli bear made of vintage fabric £29;  Maya Bradshaw felt stitched baby shoes £9.50.
Bottom shelf: Kate Hackett childrens' mug £12; Sue Inglis bunny £10.50; Kate Hackett heart mug £16.

I changed the window yesterday. This time next week I'll show you other peoples' work in the boxes. And this time next week is, ta da! Mothers' Day. Enjoy your Sunday.

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