Monday, 25 March 2013

Stay true to you

Painted papers collage by Jenny Stacy
Recently I've found myself saying to makers: 'Stay true to you.' You might start off making things inspired by someone else's work, you might even try to copy someone else's work but as far as selling is concerned it's got to be your own ideas.
All the things about you that make you the special, unique person that you are will come through in your work. IF YOU LET IT HAPPEN. 
The trouble is we listen to other people and their ideas are different and we get confused and don't know which way is up. But there's only one person making that thing or painting that picture - You. 
It's hard to be confident in what we make. I wonder if anyone is ever 100% sure about anything in life. But you can make the very best you are capable of making. You just have to try. And be confident. There's only one you. Believe it.

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