Sunday, 24 March 2013

Google rules ok?

Needlefelted birds by Michelle Green
Turns out lots of people can't import their photos to their computers now. Picasa (owned by Google) are aware of the problem and hopefully will have it fixed sooooon.

I know my limits, I can't fix machines or governments or annoying taped messages on phones that tell you to look on a website when you want to speak to a human being... I can't fix things, I can rage against them but unless enough people rage in a concerted manner nothing will change. Man against machine. Technology has moved on and most of us can't keep up. 
 People want to interact with people not with a machine and they want to feel their voice can be heard occasionally. What they don't want is to have to categorise what they want to say into one of a series of options. 

This week a brave lady came into the shop and told me her story. A pensioner, she is standing up to bully boys trying to get money out of her against her will. She is calm and dignified and I think she'll win. I wish I had thought to take her name and number because I've found someone else with a similar problem and I want to bring them together. 

If you're looking at this blog for the first time you might think what's all this got to do with Handmade Happiness? My state of mind today has, admittedly got something to do with having to shell out  £356 on the car yesterday  but it's an old car and the garage is one I'll always recommend (petersfield garage services). And it's not just the car that's getting older. I'm older though I don't feel older. As we get older I think we should all 'Rage, rage against the dying of the light' as Dylan Thomas so eloquently put it!!


Anonymous said...

Well said Jenny!

jenny said...

Thank you Hazel.x

lindsey said...

Here, here.