Monday, 18 March 2013

Do you think if I start spring cleaning the weather will change?

 The moment I woke up I started the big spring clean. (That was just before 6am.) My best energy is first thing. I feel I could move mountains then. But like a clockwork mouse my energy runs down during the day and it's rare I achieve much late at night. 

I think the Mediterranean countries have the right idea with a siesta after lunch but that just isn't possible in this country, working the 9-5 as we do.

 Power naps - a 10-20 minute switch off day or night seem a very good idea - Thatcher and Churchill thought so; but I think there is an ingrained guilt in most of us about sleeping during daylight hours.
 When you have a new baby I remember the dilemma between using the time gained when baby is asleep to work on something or do housework or cooking when all your body tells you to do is collapse beside him and sleep too.  I say do it. Obey your body or your gut feeling. It's usually right. If you want to sleep, sleep. (And if your mother in law is telling you something else ignore her..!) Look after you.


Carole C said...

Hi Jenny
Love your hyacinth brought me a nice little hint of Spring on a very un-springlike morning over here- grey,wet and windy with storms forecast :(
I'm with you totally on the catnap/power nap thing. After a couple of quite stressful days and consequently two very broken nights,I indulged in a little 'siesta' yesterday afternoon and felt so much better for it afterwards.Things are much brighter today...even if the weather isn't !
Enjoy your day of Spring-cleaning......but don't overdo it .x

jenny said...

Thank you for writing, Carole.x