Sunday, 17 March 2013

Window close up this week

The work of eleven makers are displayed in the box this week.
Once a week I change everything in the window. In the box display right now, from the top, left to right are:

Twig hooks by Chris Burgess £5 each; mugs by Jacqui Watkins £9-50 each.

 (Just visible) knitted chick by Sue Inglis £4 each - on the tree to the left Sue has knitted tiny bunnies, eggs, sheep, hens all for the same price; Kate Hackett childrens' mug £12;  embroidered brooches by Karen Boller £20 each; embroidered small picture by Sheila Barrow £38.

 Tooth fairy under pillow bag £15 by Linda Innes; handy bag with long strap by Sue Flux £12-50; love you slate heart on dyed cotton tape ribbon £3 by Eve Deary; red ceramic hearts £2 and £3 by Eileen Brown.

 Blue wrist warmers £28 by Hume Sweet Hume; pretty flower heart mug £16 by Kate Hackett; oak door stop £7 by Dennis Gamble.

Yesterday I had some lovely visitors. 
A friend told me she had just seen Liberty fabrics being sold at Age Uk in Petersfield, so as soon as the shop emptied I ran up there and invested in three pieces of good quality fabric (pic to come!).

 Then across the road something caught my eye in Sue Ryder's window. A yellow ochre cotton smocked skirt, yes, quite unusual and £4-95 but inside the shop the best was yet to come. I found a Joseph lambskin jacket size 8 which I think my daughter Amy will love - for £6! That must be the bargain of the decade!!
Again pic to come. And in case you're surprised that I'd buy fur I argue that unlike me Amy isn't vegetarian and if an animal has to be killed for meat might as well use the skin as well. What do you think?

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