Friday, 15 March 2013

The finished applique!

Now it can be quilted! My very simple applique picture. Yes, it does need ironing!
This picture has four bits of old Liberty fabrics in it. I occasionally found Liberty in the form of an old skirt or blouse in a charity shop. That was a day of rejoicing. Now I hunt but don't find. I guess there are lots of people out there looking for the same things as me. What do you look for in a charity shop? I also look for cut glass storage jars with lids on. They are great for buttons and ribbons. My best buy of all time was a genuine Mulberry handbag for £3.25 which I use every day! 

I have a friend who knows about antiques. (I know nothing about antiques.) She says: 'Things that are broken make beautiful objects.' And I've been thinking about that lately... 
She compares two large ancient Chinese vases. One in perfect condition is worth £500; the other one is chipped and cracked and worth £5. But if the cheap one is placed with the chip and cracks against the wall nobody knows it is damaged and you get the pleasure of seeing a beautiful thing in your home.

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acornmoon said...

I love to look out for retro look ceramics, Midwinter in particular and of course books. King Penguins for the covers. I have never been lucky enough to find Liberty fabric.