Friday, 8 March 2013

A little something for Mothers' Day

Slate hearts  (£3 each) by Eve Deary are a popular choice for Mothers Day
Eve Deary also makes signs like this £9.50, message boards with chalk and 3 tier cake stands.
These little hearts are being bought for Mothers Day on Sunday. You can hang one over a bottle (a bottle of perfume would be my choice!!) or put one in a card (as long as the card isn't going in the post) or wrap it up as it is. Some of them say 'Special Mum' or 'Love you Mum'. Just right.

Last night I flew the flag for Handmade Happiness at a Pamper Evening at a local school. I went there straight from work and it ended at 10pm. I felt beyond tired! I met some lovely people there who I look forward to seeing in the shop soon.
Tonight I'm going to London for the preview of Landmark Arts 'Contemporary Textiles 2013' show something I'm really looking forward to. I'll try to take some pictures to share. But first I have an early meeting with Sarah who's bringing some 'log candles' to the shop which sound really interesting.

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