Monday, 4 February 2013

Getting Greener?

Bookmarks £5 each in Handmade Happiness
 Reading 'The Moneyless Man' by Mark Boyle is making me think about change. And specifically how Handmade Happiness can get involved.

Mark invented the term 'freeconomy' a movement designed to get people to help one another, in a mutual bid to consume less, live without using the world's depleting resources (oil) and to use our own resourcefulness, bodies and brains to live without money. Thereby creating friendships and thriving local communities.
As someone whose head is buried in sand most of my waking day (I rarely listen to the news) I am at the moment unaware of what is going on locally already.

Perhaps Handmade Happiness could run a series of workshops on re-using packaging to make beautiful objects; or creating new clothes from old ones in your wardrobe? 
Your thoughts/ info would be much appreciated.
Now I'm off to find out more about what's happening in my local community.

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