Thursday, 21 February 2013

Anna Hepworth spins, dyes and weaves

Woven scarf by Anna Hepworth. Wrist warmers by  Hume Sweet Hume
This scarf - actually it's more the size of a wrap or lap blanket or throw is a beautiful object.
It is made from Jacobs sheep wool, carded, dyed, spun and woven by Anna Hepworth. She has dyed some of the wool using onion skins and cochineal.

Anna brought her work into Handmade Happiness on Saturday and I think this scarf is something very special. I can picture it somewhere like Ralph Lauren; it has a pioneer integrity about it.

Anna also brought with her an Amish knot rug. I've not seen these before. It is blues and white and small and round. 
'What would people use it for?' I asked.
 'To stand on while doing the washing up,' she replied.
 Doesn't that make you picture the interior of a small cottage with an industrious woman or man  standing on their Amish knot rug making all clean and beautiful around them?

I am having some lovely visitors this week. Kate brought in her wonderful blankets yesterday. I am hoping to have some of these in the shop soon. I think you'll love them as much as I do!  

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