Saturday, 2 February 2013

February thoughts

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I keep writing in green because I'm waiting and wishing for green shoots to appear. 
Re-growth. In winter there is always a tendency to hibernate and I don't like that.  I want the sun back to energise everyone again.  
The shop needs a complete re-arrange and I've got lots of stock to make. Maybe a multi-vitamin with iron pill will give me a boost? What gives you extra energy?
Have you read about the Fast Diet, not fast as in quick but fast as in eat nothing. To eat normally five days a week and eat very little for two days seems a sensible way to lose a few pounds. I always find I have lots more energy when I try to diet. I wonder why that is?


Carole said...

Hi Jenny
I can really recommend the book by Dr Michael Mosely (he did the very interesting "Horizon" programme on The Fast Diet last summer) and Mimi Spencer.I downloaded it for very little money and I think the paperback is only £6-ish.It's well - written and very informative,especially re the overall health benefits,not just weight loss.I' ve been following the 5:2 now for nearly 3 weeks and its a doddle!
Love that you make the effort to post everyday and I read each one (not a stalker haha !) Having serious workshop envy from over here ...good luck with them .
Happy February to you...I'm sure spring is just around the corner :) Carole x

Anonymous said...

I've just started the fasting diet and if it works it really is the easiest way to lose weight. It's really making me look at what I eat in the way a 'traditional' diet never has.

jenny said...

Hello Carole.
Yesterday I saw the fast diet book at Tesco for £2-95 so I bought it. Keep me posted on how you get on and I'll try and do the same!x