Friday, 1 February 2013

Future workshops at Handmade Happiness

Japanese washi tape.
Future Wednesday workshops at Handmade Happiness will be on: 

Doll making (whole day workshops in March);
Applique and quilting taught by Pam Dew, a two part workshop (beginning early March)  
Drawing and painting for beginners in June taught by Sandra Izard.

  Sandwiched between these will  be the usual Wednesday afternoon crochet and knitting workshops. In the future we may also have a Tuesday evening workshop depending on demand. 

Next Wednesday's workshop from 2pm to 4pm is Beginners Crochet.

I am reading a most interesting book: The Moneyless Man by Mark Boyle. A former businessman Mark tells the story of his successful attempt to survive without spending any money at all for a year. 
Just reading the first chapter has made me think that somewhere like Handmade Happiness which sells the work of local people on their behalf is as much part of a philosophy as a shop.
Happy February to you!

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