Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What I saw in Guildford

Fine bakers' twine in every colour at tkmax. My friend Sue told me about this.
Impressive decor  inside Jigsaw.
Nice colours and nice clothes at Toast
Fabrics by Malabar at C&H fabrics.
Voyage fabrics at C&H
 It was snowing heavily when I caught the train to Guildford yesterday. I felt anxious about getting back. But no sign of snow in Guildford itself and it was nice to walk a lot and see a lot.
After a good look at tkmax where I bought the twine above I had a cup of tea and toasted mushroom/cheese sandwich at the M&S cafe. Is there any better value I wonder than a sit down lunch for £5-50?
I admired the fabrics in C&H. Imagine the interlined tartan as heavy winter curtains... I bought a circular knitting needle and chatted to the member of staff about using it. She said just go for it. I did and now I am well in to making a bucket bag (no pattern just guessing) with a £2 ball of fat wool they were selling off. The colour is ghastly but I think felting the bag will help!
I wanted to see the craft shop at Guildford's museum shop but it is closed on Mondays. What I did find and got quite excited about was a stationery shop called Blott where they sold wire paper clips shaped like animals. The one I wanted was a bird and that was the one they had sold out of but next time...

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