Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fresh baked Buttons

Newly made buttons by Jenny Stacy
Here are some I made yesterday
Before I put the holes in.
 Yesterday my friend Alison Crosthwaite visited the shop. I've known Alison for many years. She is fearless with colour and makes knitted and felted bags, and spins and dyes wool and silk and now she is about to move nearer I look forward to selling her brilliant things in Handmade Happiness!

For all of you who love old fabric Penny Baker has just brought in more scrap backs and stacks of long, larger fabric pieces.

I'm feeling strangely reluctant to dismantle my Valentine's window display. There are just a couple of handmade heart cards left and I want to keep them there. After all we want to send our love all through the year, not just on that one day.
Now I'm off to make a few more buttons before I have to get ready for work! Enjoy your weekend.

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