Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The tantalising garden

The back of the Physic garden with its locked gate
The view through the bars
 Sorry this isn't the picture of Valentine's cards. I'll have to show you those tomorrow.

Don't you sometimes think that life would be just peachy if you could get beyond certain obstacles? Like this locked gate things seem to stop us getting to where we want to go.
But more than that it's our attitude to what we think is against us that makes the real difference. If we stay strong and have a positive attitude. I can do... not I can't do... We will get there.
Today is Beginners' Crochet day. If you haven't already told me you want to join ring 01730 267711.  It's from 2-4pm this afternoon. Price £10


Carole C said...

Hello Jenny
Absolutely love the physic garden,a little oasis of calm,mere steps away from the busy street- my friend B introduced me to it one sunny spring morning's a little gem .
Well done on getting the book btw - a bargain too ! You will manage this...I have no doubt . I don't want to run the risk of sounding like a diet bore ...yaaaaawn when I comment, so I' m happy to email any tips and / or encouragement if you're happy with that ?
Hope you get lots of takers for Beginners Crochet this pm.
Don't tell them how addictive it is and how they 'll be hooking rows instead of doing housework at every opportunity !!
You will of course be pointing them towards Lucy for additional help and inspiration :)
Have a lovely day. x

jenny said...

Thank you Carole.I agree, the Physic Garden is a very special Petersfield attraction. And an inspiration for all local artists.
I think I'm having my five days of normal eating before my two days of fasting!!! Yes please correspond by email if you feel like it and I'll reply.x