Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Spring flowers

Inside Handmade Happiness. Shaker peg rail by Peter S
Looking in the window of Handmade Happiness. Cards by Jacqui Watkins
 These little narcissi have a wonderful scent and have been going strong for more than two weeks. The daffodils are new. I can't remember where the little jug came from. Isn't it pretty?

I've had a request for a Wednesday morning workshop 10.00 to 12.00am on 'Free Knitting'. Would anyone else be interested in coming to a morning workshop?

Yesterday I made Valentine's cards. I'll post a picture of them tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in a free knitting workshop, but not a morning one as I'll be coming from Brighton. Anna x

jenny said...

Hi Anna. I'm doing Free Knitting this Wednesday afternoon and next Wednesday afternoon if either are convenient for you.2-4pm.x