Thursday, 6 December 2012

White weather and new knitwear

White mood board by Jenny Stacy.
 Are you keeping warm? I had to keep the shop doors closed all day yesterday. Perhaps due to the weather a parcel arrived at 5pm and it had been posted on Saturday first class. The postman said it was the busiest week for parcels ever due to internet orders for Christmas.

 I am really excited to get this parcel. It is from sisters Lizza and Jenna who live on Westray in the Orkneys. They went off to art school and then returned home to design and make knitwear. The first time I saw their stand at the Country Living fair in London I was bowled over by the prettiness of their colours and by their imaginative designs. Years before that I saw them at the Chelsea Craft Fair. Now I am thrilled to be selling their work in my shop. I'll take some pictures today to show you tomorrow.

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