Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Climbing reindeer

Reindeer made by Michelle Green 
Paperwork took longer than expected yesterday and I didn't catch the train for Guildford until nearly 3pm. Once there I headed for tkmax where I hoped to find a pair of shoes but although there was a wide choice in size 7 and size 3 not a lot in a size 5/6.

 I wasn't tempted to buy anything else though I did a lot of looking. Is it just me or does everyone get a lot more fussy as they get older? I won't buy anything unless it is exactly right and I seem to rarely see anything that is. The exception being in a shop with the initials HH!!

So the quest for the fresh and new continues. I wonder what today will bring? First I need to make more carrier bags, clean the shop windows and re-arrange the stock. I've also got to work out where to put up fairy lights. Nothing gives a magical atmosphere better than fairy lights...!


Chrissy said...

I think the problem is that as we continue through these difficult economic times we appreciate our money more because we know how difficult it is to get/have/keep a job and therefore we want to spend it wisely; my way is to avoid the uninspiring mass produced chain store things and look to places like Handmade Happiness for the unique, original and locally made things where you can appreciate the time and creativity that goes into making them.

jenny said...

Thank you Chrissy.
I notice this new carefulness in Christmas shopping. Sometimes people come in, have a really good look round and then go away without buying anything. I think they do a tour of all the shops in Petersfield noting what they like and then hopefully they'll come back to HH when they realise there is nothing comparable elsewhere.