Sunday, 23 December 2012

Felt Xmas pudding tags

I made these at work yesterday.
 Did you think I'd forgotten to write on my blog today? 
I realise I am 12 hours late but it is still Sunday and no matter what I intend not to miss a day's blogging! 
I opened the shop from 10 to 4 and I am glad I did. I felt a bit tired but a very kind friend, Roly, came in for a couple of hours this afternoon allowing me to do a bit of Christmas shopping and have a break.
Tomorrow(Monday)  the shop will be open again from 10 to 4. Can you believe it's already nearly Christmas Eve. It has come round so quickly. How will you spend it? More present shopping and food shopping? I shouldn't say this because it might not work this year but I like going into Waitrose just before closing on Christmas Eve. They seem to sell off lots of luxury foods before their two day break and it's a great time for bargains. 

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