Saturday, 22 December 2012

New quilt

Pam Dew's latest quilt
Yesterday a photographer from the Petersfield Post came round taking photos of all the shop windows for a competion. The idea, or so I thought, was for the readers to select their favourite Christmas window. So imagine my surprise when minutes after the photographer left a lady from the paper came round bearing a prize for Tara Interiors my neighbour. It's not that Tara isn't a worthy winner. She is and her windows look fab. It's just that there was no vote.

Tara had a momentous day yesterday. She came into my shop clutching her hand saying she thought she'd cut the tip off her finger with her scissors. Now sharp things and blood I'm not very good with, I have to admit. I managed to pass her open plasters with my eyes averted and then dashed off to Mandy's shop, Wild Damson to find a first aider. Mandy and her first aid box were there in seconds, making a good big bandage on Tara's poor finger. I would have been happier if she'd got it checked at the hospital but that's her decision. I do tend to  be a mother hen. Flapping around but not very useful!

Last night my three children, their partners and I went to Pizza Express for a meal after a drink at the Black Sheep in Sheep Street. I like the way the Black Sheep is a series of room sets. Sitting rooms with furniture set squarely giving a cosy, homely feel.  The kids were laden with Christmas presents. We had a great evening together and Christmas, it felt had really begun!

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