Thursday, 20 December 2012

Japanese papers

I took this picture two years ago in Liberty, London.
 Even a little matchbox would look beautiful wrapped in one of these papers. I remember I was shocked at the price per sheet but aren't they special? Wrapping nicely is part of the joy of gift giving and even if you're not confident the present itself will be just perfect the recipient will enjoy the anticipation of looking at and then unwrapping an attractively packaged something. 
I just bought a beautiful Caspari tissue which I think I shared before. It's gold with white bird silhouettes on it. I love to use a bit of something nice to wrap purchases in the shop (plain white tissue under the expensive stuff makes it go further.)
I must get in early today to make more carrier bags. These run out so quickly. If I had a whole day of making them I could stash away a box full of them for future use. Wanna help?

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