Thursday, 13 December 2012

Through the square window

Three turned oak candlesticks by Peter Skrzypczak. The utterly realistic led candles are included.
When it's so cold outside these flickering candles look cosy and warm. An ideal gift with no worries about whether or not they forget to blow the candle out. These candles take one AA battery and keep 'burning' for 500 hours or until the battery needs changing! Or you could of course buy them for yourself and use real candles...
My daughter Amy will be in the shop today and tomorrow so I can get on with some making at home. 


Chrissy said...

That window picture looks lovely, really cosy and inviting! I haven't taken my wristwarmers off since I bought them from you on Saturday! Lots of people have complimented them too...I regret not getting a scarf when I was in so will need to sort that out on my next visit!

jenny said...

Thank you Chrissy. Look forward to seeing you in the shop soon.