Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Petersfield Kiteman

 Peter Mason has been making kites for 40 years. He says one once flew all the way from Britain to Australia attached to a ship. 
Peter brought this kite in to Handmade Happiness and we attached it to the wall up near the ceiling. I must admit that when I saw Peter's kites in a church hall I didn't realise quite how large they are. A bit large for my little shop to be truthful. But having said I'll display one, display one I will and if someone wants to they can buy it or order a differently coloured one  from Peter direct. They cost £30.

Yesterday saw the first real cold of the season. Normally the doors of HH are wide open and welcoming. Not possible yesterday. Yesterday I had the mobile radiator on maximum next to the desk and still felt cold at times. Time to dig out the thermal underwear...! 
I noticed on Friday and yesterday, Saturday that instead of saying to me,'We'll come back to buy our Christmas presents here;' customers are starting to actually buy for Christmas now.

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