Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Knitted cats

Cats by Sue Inglis £8.50 each at Handmade Happiness
 These cats, designed and knitted by Sue Inglis are getting a lot of attention in the shop at the moment. Yesterday Sue brought in some rabbits knitted in a similar style but with scarves instead of ribbons and bells. They are cute. I'll photograph them today.

Do you ever look at the blogs in my 'Nice to Look at' list? I find it annoying when you keep checking in and the blog author hasn't added anything for ages. For this reason I'm dropping a few today.

 Is there anything I've not included in the list that you love to look at? 

I particularly recommend the Yvestown blog. Very individual in a good way as you will see if you read her current post. Decor8 is another very successful blog. I read that she has nearly 50,000 visitors a day. That is mind-blowing! But my favourite has to be Pinterest. That one ought to come with a warning. Do not enter unless you have plenty of time to spare. It's a bit addictive...Enjoy your day.

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Amy said...

I want a knitted cat and a knitted bunny! xx