Saturday, 20 October 2012

Fairy and tissue paper

Fairy by Jenny Stacy
 Here is one of the 11 fairies I've made for the shop.  I found the pretty white silhouette on silver tissue paper in the town. It's by Caspari and also comes in gold. 

A chilly day in the shop today. I like to have the doors open as it looks welcoming but it makes it a bit draughty! 

Today I painted wooden peg dolls. That is I've painted the pegs flesh coloured and added faces. The idea is to buy one at £3 and dress it as a fairy or peg doll yourself. Not sure whether to make them up as kits with fabric and ribbon and 'hair' or just to offer the naked doll...any thoughts?


Lindsey said...

You could give customers the option of buying a "naked" doll or in kit form.

jenny said...

Thanks Lindsey. Think I might do this with maybe one or two dressed ones for people who don't want to make.