Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What I bought

In Chichester I bought white fake fur and bobbles for Father Christmas hat decorations I've been knitting; this gorgeous glittering net ribbon and sequin net for peg doll fairies and a white roller ball for pricing on manilla luggage labels.
Can you see why I could not resist this? It was 5metres for £4.50 so I'm hoping a little goes a long way!!
 I've collected these Madeira threads over many, many years. Doesn't just looking at them put you in a fairy making mood?

So yesterday afternoon I had a lovely time in Chichester. Even though I had to pay another £7 library fine. Why don't they stamp the books any more then we'd see they were late? Witness while I cut my library ticket in two!! 

Anyway after a morning in the shop which confirmed once again it is not worth opening on a Monday...I had a late lunch in Chichester M&S - have you tried their Emmental and mushroom toasted sandwich? It is good. Then C&H fabrics for the fabric above, Between the Lines for the glittery ribbon and Office Supplies for white roller ball.  Also a good look round House of Fraser and M&S where I fell for a red thermal vest that can be worn as a top. Today I'll be warm when cutting fabric for peg fairies in Handmade Happiness! Bliss. Enjoy your day too.

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