Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tutu for you

Made by Joyce Holland-Hill
                                             The mouse who is not a dainty ballerina.
Fairy in a box by Jenny Stacy
                                                  'Me too!' All the fairies got tutus too...
In Handmade Happiness: Mouse £15; fairy in a box £5 
                                        The ballet company is ready to take the stage...

Joyce Holland-Hill knits Petersfield's answer to Angelina ballerina with short, stout legs. Here is a mouse who cannot dance. This mouse could possibly drag herself into a dance studio to inspect the younger, more lithe dancers; but it has been many, many years since she herself could do a pirouette. (No knees.)
 She reminds me of Madame Baskia, a very elderly Russian with a walking stick she rapped the floor with (and occasionally our ankles) when I was very young and learning ballet.

Joyce's ex-prima ballerinas need a modesty skirt. I make them long tutus to hide their large legs. 
And yesterday the fairy box fairies were jealous. A little twiddle of net each for them and they were ready to link arms and do the dance of the little swans in Swan Lake.

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