Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What I bought

Madeleine Millington dyes blanket in the clearest colours. I bought this bag of bits from her on Sunday for £4.50. They will be great in embellisher machine(felting machine) projects or in a stitched wall hanging.
 21st century yarns produce these crinkled felts which are a lovely texture for mixing with handmade felt £5.95.The cheesecloth below at £1.50 echoes the lovely colours.

You might be thinking, 'Good. She's got the camera working again.' No. I had to bite the bullet and buy a new camera. The old one a Canon Digital Ixus 60 that I bought some years ago has now risen in price to £170 so I replaced it with a Panasonic S2 Lumix for £69. I took these photos on the kitchen table late last night. I have to say I don't think they would have come out as well on the old camera... You be the judge over the next few days.
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