Saturday, 30 June 2012

New Healthy Cafe in Petersfield

 Shopkeepers and customers in Dragon Street are all talking about this new place to eat in Heath Road. 
Welcome to The Natural Apothecary- purveyor of all things healthy and delicious!
Half cafe seating area and half shop, apparently the coffee is excellent (I don't drink coffee but that's what I'm told) and I can personally vouch for the chocolate and beetroot brownie. Don't you love those cakes which are cooked with vegetables so you can tell yourself you're eating cake for the good of your health!

The Natural Apothecary does take away soups and salads and would be a good stop off place for anyone wanting to take a picnic to Heath Pond just around the corner.  

Yesterday I bought a brownie which I shared with my shop neighbour and then to my amazement a customer gave me another. I tied up the cake box with ribbon in a knot to keep my greedy hands off it until today...Remind me that Jenny does not need cake daily, not even one with beetroot in it!

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Anonymous said...

Look forward to visiting there with you! xxx Sophie