Saturday, 23 June 2012

Colour torture etc.

 This massive florescent orange van was parked outside my neighbour's shop one day this week. It was like a Dyno Rod van only worse. It's colour cast an orange glow over her shop so that more than one visitor said: ' You've been tango-ed'.

  To interior designer Tara having the van there, its images reflected in mirrors around her shop, was a form of torture. Torture by colour. The van was there all morning even though there's a one hour parking limit in the layby. 

I was grateful it wasn't parked outside my shop as that colour is unbearable. Yet I have been considering painting my walls in strong colours. A lime green or a strong sky blue. Now that wallpaper is desirable again do people love their strong colour choices or does strong colour quickly outstay its welcome? 

I've experimented in the past with painting walls a rich sunflower yellow and a long time ago I loved a strong large flowered wallpaper by Sanderson called Time Was. But for now I think strong colour would jar after the novelty wore off. White works. And with a white background you can put as much colour (in small doses) against it as you like.
What do you think? I would love to hear how you feel about colour. 

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