Thursday, 21 June 2012

Emily Watson's silver words

 On the left of the picture are little silver word pendants like Friends; Peace; Wish; Dream made by Emily Watson on silver chains.I really like these and think they make excellent gifts.She also makes the tiny silver heart earrings and worded heart necklace.
Jenny Shutler's earrings and brooches made from vintage cutlery are to the right of the picture. Note the beautiful old fish knife brooch in the middle and the tiny butter knife brooch to the right.The two bead necklaces at the top are by me.
All pictured in the shop yesterday.

Now I must paint some beads for that summer jewellery I'm busy making for the shop. I did take a picture of it but it's blurry (aren't all your pictures blurry? I hear you mutter)so I'll try to take a better one today.

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