Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rainbow Sheep

 Yesterday I made coats for some of Michelle Green's sheep. You can buy them plain (unclothed) or fancy (clothed). They cost £2.50 each.

I like making little scraps of things like this in the shop. It doesn't take up a lot of space. I just stop whenever a customer comes in. 
Jewellery making which I've also been trying to do in the shop recently seems to take up too much space and with all my beads, buttons and fabrics it all gets too messy. So jewellery is an at home task, as is collage but sewing, knitting and crochet projects can be done at work.
Don't you find that seeing sunshine makes you feel so much more creative?!

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Moira said...

Jenny it was lovely meeting you today and seeing your fabulous little shop containing so many desirable objects, definitely a destination to remember when buying presents. Maybe one day you could show my decorated pots as well. Stay well, happy and passionate about what you do. Moira-Garage Ceramics