Sunday, 10 June 2012

Blooming marvellous

 My front garden is giving me lots of roses to pick for the shop at the moment.  Pictured foreground is Johnson's Blue, a type of 'real' geranium, next to it lavender in bud and next to the David Austin rose you can just see a couple of white peony bushes and the blue penstemon also in bud.

I have been in my house for six  years now and I'm thinking about moving. Although lots of people think that high ceilings are desirable I have never quite got used to mine. There must be tricks of the trade to make a high ceiling house feel more cosy but if there are I don't know about them. 

Strangely the upstairs ceilings are lower (but still high) because at some stage in the house's history an extra lower ceiling was built in upstairs. We know this because of the chimney type opening into the loft. 
Writing things down often suggests solutions and I'm thinking if the downstairs rooms were minimalist and simple with guests in mind I could cosify a bedroom with an armchair and big flowery wallpaper and a writing table for me. Then I wouldn't have to move.  
Are you moving or staying?


Fibre frenzi said...

I'm probably not the right person to ask about moving or staying...........!

Jayne said...

I haven't lived in a house with high ceilings so I can't comment. Could you cosify with textiles, throws and cushions and warm colours or have you already tried it? jayne x

jenny said...

I suppose a big patchwork quilt on the wall of the sitting room would help. Thanks for the ideas.

lindsey said...

Can't comment on interior design, it is not my forte.
But I will just say that I have a blue "old" geranium, although mine has slightly different shaped leaves to yours. It has been in a large pot for years and has been out in all weathers and still every year it blooms.