Sunday, 3 June 2012

A little of what you fancy...does you good!

Maison Blanc, Guildford. 

Last night elder daughter and I shared a hot,most delicious chocolate pudding with vanilla icecream. Her boyfriend did not have a pudding but we enjoyed ourselves.

 I am long past the time of feeling guilty about food. Have you ever been in a group round the table where one person is a diet bore. 'I mustn't have this' and 'Do you realise how many calories is in that?' making everyone else feel self conscious and not relaxed about what is on their plate.

I think the food/diet thing is all about feeling happy within ourselves. As the French say 'd'etre bien dans son peau'. If we like ourselves enough we'll look after our bodies without even thinking about it. And definitely not have to call attention to the fact that we are not happy with ourselves around the dinner table, spoiling the enjoyment of good food for everyone else.
I've got a book somewhere called French women don't get fat and the secret is they eat what they fancy but only a little of it ...


Anonymous said...

well said!
love Hazelxx

jenny said...

Thank you, Hazel. How are you?x