Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Interesting Alton

A chalk house.
Was this ancient building once a water mill?
This house is called The Lodge, note the old road sign and below the French warning signs on its gate.

 Apparently the tower on this building was a watchtower during the war. Imagine how all the light from its windows must flood into the flat below. Wouldn't it be great to live in the flat and also to own the shop below?

I want to find out why someone built a house of chalk boulders. You would have thought that rain would eventually wash the chalk away.There's a retaining wall between it and the road. The museum was closed or I might have been able to find out.

Alton is an interesting mixture of a town. It's a straight line High Street of shops with a smaller shopping street intersecting where Ernest and Matilda, pictured above is.Like the Arundel layout in fact. It has more than its fair share of charity shops but also an 'Aga' shop and apparently it's getting its own Waitrose soon. 

I had a busy day in the shop yesterday. I used to think Tuesday and Wednesday were the quiet days and Thursday, Friday and Saturday were the busiest days but now I think it's completely unpredictable.
I must share with you the new summer jewellery I've been working on. Pictures soon. 

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