Monday, 18 June 2012

Guzzini colour punch

Displayed in Steamer Trading cook shop in Horsham. All the colours of the rainbow except blue.
I love these powerful shots of colour. Jess gave me one of their red salad bowls for Christmas and I own from way back a red box like the one pictured left. I store brown sugar in it.
This is what you see when you enter the store. Those glass bottles could be light shades. Can you get transparent plastic light shades looking like that? They would be nice in the kitchen.

Yesterday I went to Horsham to spend time with my mother. We went into this store to look for a washing up bowl. I want a round red or white washing up bowl and was expecting to spend under £5 on one.
 Steamer Trading has a choice of a folding, clear plastic washing up bowl for £20 or a cutting edge design rubber one for £59.95 
I'm going to Alton today - come rain or shine - and I expect I'll  find my washing up bowl there!


Anonymous said...

I love this shop! Your photos look fantastic! xxx Sophie

Anonymous said...

Also, jealous of you going to Alton! Remember lovely times spent in the gorgeous Italian coffee shop - let's go there again soon! Owain needs to go! xxx

jenny said...

Thank you for your comments, Sophie. Pictures of Alton coffee shop etc. coming soon!xxx