Wednesday, 6 June 2012

500 Felt Objects - more Wow

Andrew Kline and Tricia Stackle made the felt swing above with merino fleece and bungee cords.
Tash Wesp made this 'Coat of Blues' using nuno techniques and hand dyeing. Apologies to the photographer, Thomas Osborne for my blurriness.Still absolutely beautiful though!
Anna Kristina Goransson made these 'Light Drops' from dyed merino fleece.

More inspiration from the fab book 500 Felt Objects published by Lark Crafts and brought together by Susan Brown.

Nuno felting fascinates me. This is where felting locks in other materials like chiffon, cotton and muslin to create a really interesting fabric for clothes like the coat pictured above. I'd love to have some clothes made using this technique in the shop one day. The swing above demonstrates the strength of felt and natural white light shades would be fabulous and relatively light weight.

 I'd also like warm felt slippers - looking like Ugg boots and some arty felt cushions. Later in the year I'll have these things in the shop.
Yesterday I re-arranged the shop, changed the window and the displays inside. It was open but relatively quiet. I think I might have been the only independant shop in Petersfield to open yesterday but I enjoyed it as usual.

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