Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Window dressing

How do you get a picture of a shop front without also getting a picture of whatever is opposite it?
I tried taking it from every angle last night but they're still lousy pictures!
When the shop opened, 8 months ago one of the mistakes I made was having these heavy black letters for the shop sign. Immediately it was done I knew it didn't suit the shop but (big plus) it can be easily seen by passing cars. It will have to be black to suit the ancient building but I'd prefer a lighter, handwriting style font.

On the subject of window dressing I want to show off some of the lovely things for sale without blocking the light.Other shops have backdrops in the window so it can be filled with a towering display of goods and these shops rely on artificial lighting inside. I want all the natural light I can get but not such a base heavy display. Ideas welcome!

See the bunting? I made that and more for a lovely lady who came into the shop and ordered it. Stupidly I didn't take her phone number and she hasn't come in again. Ideally she'll read this and come in now ...


With Added Discretion said...

Glass shelves, perhaps level with the cross bars of the window? Anna

jenny said...

Good idea. Thank you Anna