Sunday, 24 June 2012

Best makers

Linda Innes has designed and made these two little girls' dresses with matching sunhats for Handmade Happiness.
 I am so lucky. Some of the best makers have come through the door of Handmade Happiness to talk about selling their work. Linda Innes is one of these. Linda could make you a wedding dress or a pair of curtains. For HH she has made all kinds of bags (complete with inside and outside pockets and key holders); jewellery rolls, fabric storage buckets, and aprons.

 We talked about an apron style dress for adults - just like these little girls' dresses only bigger.I'm hoping that they will be the next things she comes to the shop with! Because if the dress in the top picture was my size I would love to wear it! Wouldn't you? 


Anonymous said...

How beautiful. I especially like the one with the cherries. How much are they and what size/age?
I'm thinking for Lola she's 5.
Hope the summer is going well.
Much love Hazelxx

disha singh said...

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jenny said...

Thank you for your comments Hazel and Disha. My heart sings when I see someone has left a comment!
The dresses are for age 3-4 according to the maker. Dress and hat together cost £39.