Monday, 4 June 2012

Making...and not making

My bracelets - sold but not forgotten!
My buttons - also sold but not forgotten!

Today I am reminding myself that I am a maker, not just a shopkeeper. I  have a stand at a fair - the South Harting Village day which has long been a favourite event of mine. The whole village and lots of visitors throng the main street along with the local brass band, morris men, children in fancy dress, and lots of craft stalls.

I am going along - assuming the weather is not tooooo bad - to promote the shop. In past years I have sold my dolls and jewellery and buttons etc. This year I'll sell some of Kate Hackett's pottery and some of Michelle Green's work as well.

Although I had intended to make more jewellery and buttons for today I have been too busy with a big bunting order and looking after the shop to do my own making. Hopefully later in the week I'll produce some new work of my own. More later...

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