Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Working out the workshops

I did this sample of 'free knitting' ages ago but it still inspires me to pick up the knitting needles.
Yesterday in the shop was the best of days and the worst of days. It was best because my friend Jane travelled over from Kent and we happily talked for several hours punctuated by cups of tea and many naughty chocolate biscuits. We were joined for a while by Mary from Liss who contributed lots of useful ideas and I hope Mary, who is an expert dyer will be a regular visitor . It was the worst day financially for the shop but then Saturday was the best day financially so it all averages out.

What is the most convenient time for people to come to a workshop? I had thought evenings to suit mums who could come out once children were in bed, leaving dads to babysit but yesterday Mary and I remembered the 'Creative Lunches' East Hampshire used to provide for artists when there was more money in the pot and 'Creative Lunches' seem like a good idea for the shop as lunchtimes are usually quiet. But what food is clean enough to eat when you're also knitting/drawing/rag rugging/sewing or collaging?

Just noticed that I said I'd show Kate's decorations today. Sorry. I'll take photographs of them in the shop today for tomorrow's blog post.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny! Sophie has just shown me the photos of your shop! Absolutely beautiful. so pleased you went ahead and got it. Hope everything is well in Petersfield, can't wait to see you over the christmas break for many a game of scattergories! And maybe a pub quiz or two!!

lots of love Holly (Uttley) xxx

Anonymous said...

hey mum, love you loads! Blog is looking great! see you on saturday xxx