Sunday, 16 October 2011

The shop - virtual tour part 1

As you go in you see noticeboards with photos and things I like on them. This lobby area will have a community noticeboard publicising art/craft events, for sale and wanted and general eye candy. You can just see the top of a lollipop olive tree that my lovely friend Kate Hackett bought me for the shop opening.

Do you recognise my problem area above? My girls decided that this should be the tea corner and the flicking through nice books and magazines place. (Shop storage is under the blanket in the box.)

Starting the virtual shop tour clockwise (wish the picture wasn't so blurred) you can see Michelle's natural dyed wools; my dolls (the gap on the middle shelf is because one of them sold) and Gayle's fab birds and purses. Those birds took the prize for most admired item yesterday.
Part 2 of the virtual shop tour tomorrow.
Just want to say thank you to everyone who sent emails, texts and cards with good wishes on my opening day yesterday. And thank you for the lovely flowers. It was a good day and talking to customers gave me ideas for how the shop will evolve in the future. Watch this space!
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Anonymous said...

well done! love Hazel

vertigo said...

I look forward to visiting it on next trip to uk. It looks very special. All the best John