Thursday, 27 October 2011

Shop news

I am getting the most interesting people coming in to the shop.
One day it's American men searching for props for films; another day I had a fascinating discussion with a 'court dressmaker' who also used to make for Harrods. Yesterday I met a lovely lady who used to knit for The Scotch House in London and a London School of Fashion graduate who makes wonderful dramatic clothes.
I'd like to host a clothes workshop. Upcycling something you own or something you've found in a charity shop with ribbon/ buttons/ bits of knitting and a bit of slashing to customise it into something uniquely 'yours'. That would be fun.
Yesterday the latest issue of the Petersfield Post featured three of us new shops on page 4.

Meantime the lovely photos I wanted to post I can't show you because picasa's not talking to blogger. It's a known error and I hope they fix it fast. With any luck I'll be able to post what I intended to post later today!

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