Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Put out the flags!

Wish I had some colourful knitted bunting like this!

This is what visitors to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace were greeted with as they walked in the entrance. How many knitting hours by how many people have gone into those flags?

Meanwhile back at the coal face er HandMaDE Happiness the shelves and boards went up yesterday although everything needs re-painting. My kind neighbour made short work of fixing everything to the walls (thank you Dave!)
Also I agreed lettering for the swing board and the sign writing above the shop front - picture will follow.

I tried to find matching floor boards to fill the gap pictured in an earlier post but failed. I'll keep looking.

Today I'm seeing my friend Penny whose lovely 'vintage scrap packs' sell so well at Country Living to pick up what she has made for the shop. And my daughter and I helped by Jez across the road and his van will take all the tables to the shop today and hopefully finish shelf and board painting.
Whew! I can't wait to sit quietly in the shop and make things again!!
ps. I have not sent out any invitations so don't think you've been overlooked. Saturday's opening will be a low key affair and the proper party shop opening will happen on a Saturday nearer Christmas. ok?

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