Sunday, 30 October 2011

The shop diet

Since signing the shop contract I  have lost nearly a stone in weight. This is not through any deliberate effort on my part, it is just through rushing around with never a moment to rest and reflect.
I also find that at lunchtime if I take a bite of sandwich a customer is bound to come in at that moment to ask a question.
So eating anything has to be done surreptiously. My daughter is a huge influence for good. Instead of chocolate biscuits she makes me eat a seed bar (not something I'd choose to buy!) She herself prefers sushi and miso soup instead of sandwiches. Neither of which I fancy trying. But I realise I'm a bit stuck in my ways. I prefer to go with what I know rather than experimenting with something I may not like. Probably typically English!

Late last night I put together some workshop proposals which I'll send out to everyone who has left me their contact details. And of course I'll publish it all here.
By the way I wish the clocks had gone forward last night instead of back. Now I'll never get my body clock to wake me at a normal time. (It was stuck at 4.53am!)

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