Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hydrangea colour

Yesterday my friend Ann and I went for a long walk with Dolly the dog into the beautiful surrounding countryside.
Outside the Harrow pub was a totally photogenic flower stall. It had bunches of these dried hydrangeas; papery orange physalis; zinnia flowers in orangey reds and shocking pinks and flamboyant dahlias.
Only one problem -I had no cash on me and no camera. Ann spotted someone she knew and borrowed some money from her so I could buy these Miss Haversham style flowers.

Later in the walk we marvelled at five llamas in a field including a baby one. They have fringes above their eyes and soft looking curly coats like the best teddy bears. I'll show you soon. Because on the next weekly walk I'll take my camera!!! Doh.
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